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The Powerscourt Meetings 1830-1941

A tract produced by Edwin Cross from an original of his.

Timothy Stunt said ...
Just for the record... the original 16 page Tract (dated 1838) 'Questions for eight weeks' consideration : addressed to the church of God' (London: Central Tract Depot, Warwick Square) does not include the 1839 and 1841 details, which seem to have been included in a later edition which was the one owned by William Trotter. The matter is discussed with some conjectural interpretation by Dr Donald H. Akenson, 'Discovering the End of Time: Irish Evangelicals in the Age of Daniel O'Connell' (Montreal/Kingston, Canada: McGill-Queens UP, 2016) pp.367-8 n.89. With regard to the subjects discussed in 1831 (on page 6), neither the late Edwin Cross's transcription (as reproduced above) nor Dr Akenson's transcripion (op.cit. p. 384) are accurate, and therefore readers may want to refer to the text (of the 1838 edition) as reproduced on the website of Duke University Library at
Timothy Stunt
Thursday, Sep 8, 2016 : 21:59

Tom said ...
Thanks; I have added the document you mention to the Background Reading section on Powerscourt. Hoping to start volume 2 soon!
Monday, Sep 12, 2016 : 12:38

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