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Eternal Praise, Our God, Shall Rise

1 ETERNAL praise, our God, shall rise
In mansions fair beyond the skies
Thy name to celebrate;
But joyful songs e'en here we raise
Our God and Father now to praise,
While for our Lord we wait.

2 When ruined, guilty and undone,
Thou gav'st for us Thine only Son
To suffer, bleed and die;
Rejoicing in Thy love we sing,
Praise for Thy gift of gifts we bring,
His name to magnify.

3 We praise Thee in our pathway here;
Far off we were, but now brought near
Through Jesus Christ our Lord:
Fresh grace for every moment here,
Fresh manna through the desert drear,
The Spirit doth afford.

4 When He shall come, for whom we wait,
We then shall see and know how great
The gain that faith had stored;
But here our joyful songs we raise
Our God and Father now to praise,
While waiting for our Lord.

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