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I'm Waiting For Thee, Lord

1 I'M waiting for Thee, Lord,
Thy beauty to see, Lord;
I'm waiting for Thee, for Thy coming again.
Thou'rt gone over there, Lord,
A place to prepare, Lord;
Thy home I shall share at Thy coming again.

2 'Mid danger and fear, Lord,
I'm oft weary here, Lord;
The day must be near of Thy coming again.
'Tis all sunshine there, Lord,
No sighing nor care, Lord,
But glory so fair, at Thy coming again.

3 Whilst Thou art away, Lord,
I stumble and stray, Lord;
Oh! hasten the day of Thy coming again.
This is not my rest, Lord,
A pilgrim confessed, Lord,
I wait to be blest, at Thy coming again.

4 E'en now let my ways, Lord,
Be bright with Thy praise, Lord;
For brief are the days ere Thy coming again.
I'm waiting for Thee, Lord,
Thy beauty to see, Lord;
No triumph for me, like Thy coming again.

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