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O God, Through Christ We Sing

by Anonymous

Set: Grove City 2005
Tune: Lowry

1 O GOD, through Christ we sing
Glory to Thee;
In His blest name we bring
Glory to Thee.
His heavenly face displays
All Thy refulgent rays,
And wakes our hymn of praise,
Glory to Thee.

2 He gave, when here on earth,
Glory to Thee;
Angels had hailed His birth,
Glory to Thee.
The wondrous works He wrought,
The precious truths He taught,
His holy footsteps brought
Glory to Thee.

3 On Calvary's cross He gave
Glory to Thee;
Won from the vanquished grave
Glory to Thee:
Exalted now, and crowned,
Him countless hosts surround,
And swell the lofty sound,
Glory to Thee.

4 With joy we strike the chord,
Glory to Thee!
Ascribe, through Christ the Lord,
Glory to Thee:
In Jesus' name shalt Thou
Constrain all knees to bow;
Through Him we worship now;
Glory to Thee!

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