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Master, We Would No Longer Be

by Unknown

Set: Canterbury 2011 Stage
Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer L. M. D.

1 MASTER, we would no longer be
Loved by the world that hated Thee,
But patient in Thy footsteps go,
Thy sorrow as Thy joy to know.
We would --- and O confirm the power --- 
With meekness meet the darkest hour,
By shame, contempt, however tried,
For Thou wast scorned and crucified.

2 We welcome still Thy faithful word,
The cross shall meet its sure reward;
For soon must pass the little while,
Then joy shall crown Thy servants' toil;
And we shall hear Thee, Saviour, say,
"Arise, my love, and come away;
Look up, for thou shalt weep no more,
But rest on heaven's eternal shore."

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