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O Gracious God, Our Father

1 O GRACIOUS God, our Father,
We thank Thee for Thy word,
To every saint so precious,
That speaks of Christ the Lord;
We thank Thee for Thy Spirit
That moved those men of old
Who in the holy record
Thy truth and love unfold.

2 For that same One we thank Thee,
The earnest and the seal,
Who doth to Thine own children
Thy mind and will reveal;
As none but He who knew it,
Thy truth could e'er impart,
So none but those He teacheth
Receive it in the heart.

3 O may we then, blest Father,
Thy gracious word believe,
That we may by Thy Spirit
The truth in love receive;
For we would thus be girded
To serve our faithful Lord,
And in this day of conflict
Cleave to His name and word.

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