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The Year 1839

To the Christians who Heard, or May have Read Mr Venn’s Sermon, Preached at Hereford, December 9th, 1838

by Capt. Hall

Michael Schneider said ...
This is an extremely rare pamphlet, unknown to WorldCat. The above file is based on a photocopy I received from Hereford Library in 2002.

Interestingly, excerpts from this pamphlet were reprinted (evidently in ignorance of the author and with a wrong date, 1838) in a pamphlet entitled The Remedy for Division: An Enquiry as to the State of the Church to-day in Relation to Christian Unity (London c. 1934), pp. 6–7, as well as in G.H. Lang’s Anthony Norris Groves: Saint and Pioneer (London 1949), p. 109. A short extract is also quoted in Gordon Pratt, ‘The Breaking of Bread (2A)’, Scripture Truth 50 (1989–91), p. 186, repr. as In Remembrance of Me (Morpeth, 2001), p. 14; here the date is correct (1839), but the quotation is attributed to Darby!
Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 : 01:34
Tom said ...
Thanks .. had no idea you obtained that pamphlet!
Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 : 15:24

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