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The Year 1867

A Caution to the Readers of "A Caution against the Darbyites." [By J. E. Howard.] With a few words on “The close of twenty-eight years' association with J. N. D.” [By W. H. Dorman]

by John Jewell Penstone

Tom said ...
To be at least, the author of this pamphlet, both in his manner of words and substance of them proves the very truth of those he seeks to oppose, ie. that it was a true record of the conversation, that those views on 'assembly decisions' were held, and the moral impact of these, as he quotes from Thomas Ryan, "But souls, especially of the young, are injured by ignoring personal religion and making all to consist in an ecclesiastical standing. This is the worst of it and is characteristic and stamped indelibly on the system. There are other things even more grave. The leaders are now breaking down in doctrine even foundation doctrine."

Would be great to get a copy of Mr Howard's tract, "A Caution Against the Darbyites" that this one is written to oppose, also another item mentioned therein, "Letters of Mr. Darby and Mr. B.Ellis.". And also this tract that was referenced, "On this subject you will also see a new tract soon by M.Guinaud of Geneva. It is being translated and Mr. R. Howard will publish it."
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