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The Year 1866

Christian Obedience Not 'Ecclesiastical Independency.'

Tom said ...

Well worth consideration imo; 

To reject Saints—whole Churches at a time—to brand them as evil doers—and to tell them because they refuse to join in this, that they are guilty of the " coldest contempt of Christ,"—to be crying out constantly that they are walking with " blasphemers," which you must know to be perfectly untrue—to seek as you do in these letters to take away their characters as men even by wholesale slander and defamation,—and to lead and teach others from your influential position as a Servant of Christ to act towards and speak and think thus of their fellow Christians,—is so bad, so thoroughly opposed to the Lord's gracious thoughts and work and holy ways—that I do not venture to characterise it. The poor brethren are sadly deceived and ensnared by yourself, G. V. W., and the other leaders (many of them misled) who " cause them to err." The Lord will, I trust, soon make them to see the iniquity of this course and deliver them from it. In it you profess to act for "the glory of Christ." On the same plea heretics were burned of old and all sorts of persecutions carried on. In reality it greatly dishonours the Lord and injures His people. Christ's object is " to gather together in one the children of" God." The effect of this so called discipline has been strife, discord, mischief, and evil speaking and thinking—that should lead to shame and humiliation before the Lord—and that shew plainly that it is not of Christ but of Satan. And for what ? Eighteen years have passed —and in all those Assemblies you have " cut off"—where (as is said constantly) " the evil has not been judged," how many can you find " leavened" with the " bad doctrine" of Newton. Where are those that have sympathy with it—where those that teach it ? If anything at all like it was taught, or printed—it would, I am sure, have been published far and wide by yourself or some of your zealous coadjutors. You and they know that it is condemned and would not be tolerated by those who are charged with " not having judged the evil." There is proof enough that the leaven is not working in those Assemblies, and that that which you tell us " is just the evil Christian have to guard against," is not easy to find where you point to as its seat. If brethren were a little more humble, they would not continue blind to their own inconsistency. Judging others unsparingly, they condemn themselves. The laxity of Bethesda though of short duration, they never cease speaking about. B. W. N.'s bad doctrine was speedily condemned at Bethesda. Years have passed, and in the most careless way— without examination, they are sanctioning in yourself what they so loudly condemn in B. W. N. For your own writings contain doctrines so like Newton's, that simple and even wise Christians cannot tell the difference.

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020 : 19:10
al' said ...
does anyone know where i can get the pechkam/sheffield/rotherham circular letter binding on all assemblies in fellowship about cutting off the assembly in question? thank you.
Sunday, Mar 6, 2022 : 22:49

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