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Copy of a Letter from Ottawa, Canada, to Greenwich

2 pages.

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Mark said ...

I can read enough of this in its handwritten form to get the gist of it.

With regard to the "Personality of Eternal Life." In Napoleon Noel's "History of the Brethren" I read,

'February 6, 1889. Brother's meeting at 57 Park Street considering the question of eternal life as propounded by Mr Raven and Mr Stoney, - the remark being emphasised that Christ was eternal life, "but He was more, He was God." One of Mr Raven's questioners said, "Then He was God, but He was less?" ' (Volume 2, page 506. Italics in the book.) 

A rather strange piece of reasoning on the part of this questioner I would suggest. 

Then again I read in the selected ministry of A H Rule - another opponent of Mr Raven - "No one questions that Christ was more than eternal life." (Volume 2, page 217)

Well, someone did precisely that!

Monday, Aug 22, 2022 : 16:33
Nick Fleet said ...
It's an important consideration, in view of the way that many of FER's critics insist that we 'have eternal life' and that 'He is eternal life', to ask, 'do we then become God?' I've asked that myself in a Bible reading and, of course, the answer was, "oh no, of course not". But that would seem to be the logical extension of some of the arguments that have been made in this whole sorry matter.
Monday, Aug 22, 2022 : 19:08
Syd said ...
I think it was a case of "knowledge puffing up," and the simple word of Scripture fading before natural minds not enlightened by the Spirit. If Ephesians shows me what "in Christ" is, and Colossians "Christ in me," do I become a little christ? Why should such a question ever need to be asked, unless I have never been taught about my standing? The reasonings of some men on both sides of the Raven issue at that time, seems like "strange fire."
Why did men like JND or WK or Dennett, and others, seem to expound so clearly on passages like: "And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son" (1John 5:11), and that "This [Jesus Christ His Son] is the true God and life eternal."
Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022 : 01:40

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