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The Year 1908

Holding Fast the Faithful Word - Whither are we Drifting?

by Alexander Marshall

Very interesting piece about the 'tightening' process that had undergone among the Open Brethren.
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paul pitchford said ...
Thank You!
Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 : 06:58
Archie said ...
Sunday, Jan 5, 2020 : 23:26
James Harper said ...
I have been working through the teachings of the early Brethren with my men's group. I was reading Tri-S series by Miles Stanford and came across your web site. I am very interested in accessing your publications. Jim Harper 404 803 0676
Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 : 19:28
Crawford Gribben said ...
I have this in a red cover!
Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 : 06:34
Theophilus said ...
Red for danger ?
Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 : 12:01
Mark said ...
Mr Marshall, and also J R Caldwell as can be seen in the preface, were concerned about an ecclesiastical notion that has by now spread throughout the "open" meetings, and was my reason for writing "Two Churches: the Question of the Church and Churches?"
Monday, Feb 1, 2021 : 16:46

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