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The Year 1866

"This Do In Remembrance of Me"; A Few Words Addresses to Young Christians

Steve said ...
"Remember Me", I heard Him call,
"Remember how I died;
Remember Me, the Lamb of God,
The One you crucified.

Remember how I pardoned you
By dying on the cross.
Remember how I saved your soul
From Hell's eternal loss.

Remember how I suffered there -
The cross with all its pain;
Remember that it was for you -
For your eternal gain.

Remember I am coming soon
To take you home above.
Remember what I did for you -
Remember all my love."

Yes! Lord I will remember
The way You died for me;
The way You took my sins away
By dying on the tree.
Sunday, May 10, 2020 : 23:05
Syd said ...
From the hymn at the end, I presume the writer was J.G. Deck.
Monday, Jun 26, 2023 : 16:15

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