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Timothy Stunt said ...
1) I suspect Charlotte Cronin's second name should read Amyatt [not Amyott] which was her mother's maiden name..
2) Susan Drury (Edward Cronin's first wife was a sister of Mary Drury who married John G Bellett in 1827. Their father, Vice-Admiral William O'Brien Drury (c.1754, Cork, - 1811, India, see R. Ryan, 'Biographia Hibernica' vol 2, [Dublin 1821]), was married (1783) to Letitia Preston Vallancey (a daughter of General Charles Vallancey, [1726-1812] military surveyor and antiquary, see art by Norman Vance in ODNB). Their brother Dr Vallancey Drury wrote an obituary for Edward Cronin in 'The Homoeopathic World' vol 17 [March 1, 1882].
3) In addition to his daughter Charlotte, Edward Cronin had two sons (by his second marriage) Eugene (a homoeopathic doctor living in Clapham) and Augustus (a surgeon dentist in the London Homoeopathic Hospital.) Timothy Stunt
Friday, Mar 10, 2017 : 17:16
Tom said ...
1 - Changed, thx.
2 - Great, will add that!
3 - Yep, and from what I see on Ancestry, maybe another son Charles Edward, three daughters Eugene Francis, Francis Emma, and Susan Clementina. Also from first marriage, one daughter, Mary Ann.
Friday, Mar 10, 2017 : 20:23
Tom said ...
Noticed that a son of J H Lowe married a descendant of J G Deck, so can join that in too!!
Friday, Mar 10, 2017 : 21:01
Tom said ...
Timothy, what is the evidence for Susan, the first wife of E.C. being a sister of Mary Drury - that is the one thing on here I can't find any other evidence for right now? thanks.
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 : 15:31
Tom said ...
Emily Frances Kingscote, wife of John Kennaway, was a sister of R F Kingscote of Brethren fame .. which is great to have another link, but going to be a struggle to fit on my tree without making it look ugly!
Sunday, Mar 12, 2017 : 21:30
Tom said ...
Christopher McAdam's lineage traces back to Edward 1 and the Royal families of Europe;

Christopher McAdam
William McAdam (1781-1836)
John Loudon Mcadam (1756-1836)
James McAdam (1714-1770) & Susannah Cochrane (1714-?)
John Cochrane (1662-1728)
Sir John Cochrane (1635-1707) & Margaret Strickland (1635-)
William Strickland (1596-1673) & Margaret Cholmeley (1604-1689)
Sir Richard Cholmely (1580-1631)
Henry Cholmeley (1534-1616)
Sir Richard Cholmley (1516-1579) & Lady Catherine De Clifford (1513-1598)
Sir Henry De Clifford First Earl Cumberland (1493-1542) & Lady Margaret De Percy Countess Cumberland (1508-1540)
Lord Henry Algernon Thomas "5th Earl Northumberland" "Sir Knight of the Garter" Percy (1478-1527)
Sir Henry Northumberland De Percy (1449-1489)
Sir Henry Earl of Northumberland De Percy (1421–1461)
Sir Henry Earl of Northumberland De Percy (1392-1455) & Lady Eleanor Countess of Northumberland De Neville (1398–1472)
Ralph Neville (1364-1425) & Joan Beaufort Plantaganet (1375-1440)
John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster (1340–1399)
Edward III (1312-1477)
Henry II (1133-1189)
Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 : 00:10

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