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The Year 1855

The Jewel and Star

by Charles Sabine

Tom said ...
Don't know anything about this one, or the author? but was published by Yapp.
Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018 : 21:45
Timothy Stunt said ...

Charles Sabine (1796-1859) was a solicitor of Oswestry, Salop. He was the uncle of Shirley Brooks who succeeded Mark Lemon as the editor of Punch. There are several pages on Sabine in George Somes Layard, Shirley Brooks of Punch: His Life, Letters, and Diaries  (New York: H. Holt, 1907) pp.10-14, including the following:

'Many are the stories still current of his eccentricities, his enthusiasms, his courage, his strong religious convictions. He held peculiar views as to the second coming of Christ. A spare cover was laid at every meal. Food and drink were left on the table every night, for Christ might revisit the world in the flesh at any moment!' p.11

Born of Nonconformist parents and throughout his life in formal fellowship with Dissent, he nevertheless approved of the Episcopacy and was a frequent worshipper and communicant in the Established Church. In this he was not singular amongst Nonconformists, not a few of whom approve of Church teaching but cannot away with Establishment. His sympathies were catholic, his most earnest wish the unity of the Church. He deprecated above all things the walls of partition in the fold of Christ. He looked for the good in things, not the evil. He held fast to what he believed to be the ultimate truth that "the whole church in heaven and earth are one." It was the mainspring of all he did and felt.' p.14                                              Timothy Stunt

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 : 03:55
Tom said ...
Thanks .. was he associated with the Assemblies at all?
Friday, Apr 27, 2018 : 00:50

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