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Tune: Fairford

by Anonymous


* Verse 2 then 1 :-S

Dan said ...
Thank you so much for posting. This is a difficult tune to find online.
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 : 10:33
Steve H said ...
This tune is in the 1932 Hymns and Spiritual Songs for The little Flock - with tunes.

It is one of two tunes suggested for the wonderful hymn:-

What-was it, blessed God,
Led Thee to give Thy Son,
To yield Thy Well-beloved,
For us by sin undone?
'Twas love unbounded led Thee thus
To give Thy Well-beloved for us.

It was number 155 then, and I see that it is in the "Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs Selected 1978 with the same number, but a completely different tune.

Fairford is still present in the 1978 tune book - for Hymn 80

On earth the song begins,
In heav'n more sweet and loud.......


Steve H
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 : 17:40
Nick Fleet said ...

FAIRFORD is in Melodies and Chants (1883 and 1904) as tune #102, p63. It is there suggested for hymn 60 (of the 1881 edition of Little Flock), 'Our thanks to God most high' by Isaac Watts. The hymn is in the 1838, 1856, 1881, 1894, 1928, and 1978 editions but was omitted in the 1903 edition and not reselected in 1932, 1951, or 1962 et al.

Also, FAIRFORD is tune #187 in the blue Little Flock Tune Book (1954) and #197 in the green Little Flock Tune Book (revised 1979).

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022 : 02:09
Steve H said ...
There is another, quite different, tune named FAIRFORD (from Schubert) set in the same key, which suits the metre.

It is in various hymn books, including Hymns of Light and Love - No. 913

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022 : 18:40

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