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Father, Oh, What Boundless Glory

by Leslie M. Grant

Tune: Wellesley

1 FATHER, Oh, what boundless glory
In Thy name of love we know,
No more sweet, more wondrous story,
Than Thy heart revealed below.

2 Thou whose blessed name is Holy ---
Majesty supreme is Thine;
Yet in One so meek and lowly
We behold Thy brightness shine!

3 He in whom Thy heart delighted,
Sent to earth, to grief and shame:
Here, where all before had slighted,
He alone declared Thy Name.

4 'Mid the darkness, Light resplendent,
Purest, gentlest Stranger, He;
While the world, in bitter ferment,
Hated both Himself and Thee.

5 Then the cup, from Thy hand given,
E'en to Thy beloved Son!
Perfume sweet ascends to heaven:
His most glorious work is done.

6 Blessed, beauteous contemplation ---
Theme more full than all beside ---
Cause of deepest adoration ---
Thou, through Christ, art glorified!

Paul said ...
This hymn is by Leslie M. Grant, not as above.
Sunday, Jun 5, 2022 : 07:22
Timothy Stunt said ...
I think Lizzie Shove Tourjée was the composer of the tune 'Wellesley' which is the name of the college she was attending when she wrote the melody. Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Jun 7, 2022 : 02:43
Tom said ...
Thanks, fixed
Thursday, Jun 16, 2022 : 05:12

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