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Our God And Father Unto Thee

by W.J. Hocking

Tune: Arizona L.M.

Tune: Arizona L.M.

Tune: Arizona L.M.

1 OUR God and Father unto Thee
As pilgrims weak we now draw near
To breathe our prayers on bended knee,
And supplicate Thy gracious ear.

2 In former days Thou oft hast heard
And amply answered in Thy grace;
By those rich bounties deeply stirred
We bless Thy name and seek Thy face.

3 Though granted much, we still need more,
For some are weak and some have grief;
Supply us all from Thy rich store
With grace and strength and glad relief.

4 Our prayers we bring in that great name,
The name Thou gavest to Thy Son;
In Jesus' name we mercy claim,
And humbly say, "Thy will be done."

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