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Behold The Lamb, Whose Precious Blood

by William Trotter

Tune: Manoah C.M.

1 BEHOLD the Lamb, whose precious blood
Drawn from His riven side,
Had power to make our peace with God,
Nor lets one spot abide.

2 The dying thief beheld that Lamb
Expiring by his side,
And proved the value of the Name
Of Jesus crucified.

3 His soul, by virtue of the blood,
To paradise received,
Redemption's earliest trophy stood,
From sin and death retrieved.

4 We, too, the cleansing power have known
Of Christ's atoning blood,
By grace have learnt His name to own,
By which we're brought to God.

5 To Him, then, let our songs ascend,
Who stooped in grace so low:
To Christ, the Lamb, the sinner's Friend,
Let ceaseless praises flow.

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