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Rise, My Soul! Behold 'Tis Jesus

by J. Denham Smith

Tune: Safety

Tune: Safety

Tune: Safety

1 RISE, my soul! behold 'tis Jesus,
Jesus fills thy wondering eyes;
See Him now in glory seated,
Where thy sins no more can rise.

2 There in righteousness transcendent,
Lo! He doth in heaven appear,
And the blood of His atonement
Is thy title to be there.

3 All thy sins were laid upon Him,
Jesus bore them on the tree;
God, who knew them, laid them on Him,
And, believing, thou art free.

4 God now brings thee to His dwelling,
Spreads for thee His feast divine,
Bids thee welcome, ever telling,
What a portion there is thine.

5 Blessed circle of His favour,
Circle of the Father's love!
Blessed to be there for ever
In His perfect rest above!

6 Blessed, glorious word, "for ever"!
Yea, "for ever" is the word;
Nothing can the ransomed sever,
Nought divide them from the Lord.

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