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O Teach Us, Lord, Thy Searchless Love To Know

by James Boyd

Tune: Sandon

Tune: Sandon

Tune: Sandon

1 O TEACH us, Lord, Thy searchless love to know,
Thou, who hast died.
Before our feeble faith, Lord Jesus, show
Thy hands and side;
That our glad hearts, responsive unto Thine,
May wake with all the power of love divine.

2 Thy death has brought to light the Father's heart,
And ours has won;
And now we contemplate Thee as Thou art,
God's glorious Son!
And know that we are loved with that great love,
That rests on Thee in those bright courts above.

3 Thy flesh is meat, Thy blood, blest Saviour, shed,
Is drink indeed;
On Thee, the true, the heavenly, living Bread,
Our souls would feed,
And live with Thee in life's eternal home,
Where sin, nor want, nor woe, nor death can come.

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