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Though Faint Yet Pursuing We Go On Our Way

by Unknown

1 THOUGH faint yet pursuing we go on our way;
The Lord is our leader, our stronghold and stay;
Though suffering and sorrow and trial we bear,
The Lord is our refuge, and whom shall we fear?

2 He raiseth the fallen, He cheereth the faint;
If the weak are oppressed, He hears their complaint;
The way may be dreary, and thorny the road,
But why should we falter? Our help is in God.

3 And to His green pastures our footsteps He leads;
His flock in the desert how kindly He feeds!
The lambs in His bosom He tenderly bears,
And brings back the wanderers safe from the snares.

4 Though clouds may surround us, our God is our light;
Though storms rage around us, our God is our might;
So faint yet pursuing, still onward we move,
The Lord is our leader; our home is above.

5 And there shall His people eternally dwell
With Him who has led them so safely and well;
The toilsome way over, the wilderness passed,
And Canaan the blessed is theirs at the last.

Gregory said ...
This tune is called O boundless salvation. It is a salvationist tune though so severely mangled in this rendition.
Monday, Apr 5, 2021 : 07:28

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