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O Lord, We Adore Thee

by E. C. Rubie (1846-1942)

Tune: St. Denio P.M.

1 O LORD, we adore Thee,
Blest Son of the Father,
Whose love without measure
Surpasses all praise.
Thyself Thou hast given,
We know Thee now --- risen,
Ascended --- in heaven,
Where on Thee we gaze.

2 Our Father, we praise Thee,
Thou source of all blessing;
The Son has revealed Thee
In fulness of light.
We joy in Thy presence;
We worship before Thee,
In love, and all blameless,
In holiness bright.

Nick Fleet said ...
This hymn needs 'Clarendon' (or 'Waiting and Watching' as an alternative). 'St Denio' (or 'Joanna') is better suited to, say, #301.
Monday, Jul 19, 2021 : 00:28

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