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Risen Christ, Our Souls Adore Thee

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Tune: Neander

1 RISEN Christ, our souls adore Thee:
Thou hast left the silent grave;
Death and Hades quail before Thee,
Thou art mighty now to save:
Glory, glory, we adore Thee,
And the Victor's banner wave.

2 Risen Lord, Thou now art seated
On the Father's throne on high:
God the place supreme has meted
To the One who came to die:
All completed, hell defeated,
Glory, glory, Lord, we cry.

3 Risen Saviour, past for ever
Is Thine hour of untold woe:
We rejoicing in Thy favour
Share Thy blissful triumph now:
Risen Saviour, now and ever
At Thy glorious feet we bow.

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