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Our God And Father, We Draw Near To Thee

by Miss N. Vergette

Tune: Morecambe

1 OUR God and Father, we draw near to Thee
In all the worth of Thy beloved Son;
All Thou hast e'er desired from man we see
In Him, Thy Christ, Thine own anointed One.

2 No thought of His e'er moved apart from Thine;
Each holy footstep gave Thee fresh delight;
Perfect expression of Thy will divine
Thou hadst in Him --- come forth from glory bright.

3 Thou ever lovedst Him --- ere time began
He was beside Thee, object of Thy heart;
One with Thyself in Thine eternal plan,
In Godhead glory one in all Thou art.

4 And now Thou lov'st Him, for Himself He gave ---
Theme of our song when time shall cease to be;
Laid down His life that Thou, O God, shouldst have
Fruit of Thy love in sons who worship Thee.

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