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O Lord, How Blest Our Journey

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Watcher

Tune: Watcher
* Verses 3,4

1 O LORD, how blest our journey,
Though here on earth we roam,
Who find in Abba's favour
Our spirit's present home:
For where Thou now art sitting
By faith we've found repose,
Free to look up to heaven,
Since our blest Head arose.

2 In spirit there already;
Soon we ourselves shall be
In soul and body perfect,
All glorified, with Thee:
Thy Father's love sustains us
Along the thorny way,
Thy Father's house, the dwelling
Made ready for that day.

3 The Comforter, now present,
Assures us of Thy love;
He is the blessed earnest
Of glory there above:
The river of Thy pleasure
Is what sustains us now,
Till Thy new name's imprinted
On every sinless brow.

4 Lord, we await Thy glory;
We have no home but there,
Where the adopted family
With Thee Thy joy shall share.
No place can fully please us
Where Thou, O Lord, art not;
In Thee, and with Thee, ever
Is found, by grace, our lot.

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