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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 130


are drawing attention. Ministers come even here to see what it is. Alas! How feeble we are as a testimony. I read, “Be careful for nothing,” and I do look to the Lord, but I am, alas, feeble at intercession, that is always for me a bad sign as to myself; I fancy often that I shall soon, if still here, settle down quietly in some place, but who awaiting in truth the Lord’s coming will give himself up to the work? I am not anxious about their efforts in England, pained I have been, and mourn over individuals, but the work is evidently one of Satan, and there is one far above him. I judge myself to see how I may have given occasion. It is clear to me that three or four sentences might be corrected to take away occasion from those who seek it; the tract on the “Suffering of Christ” might be a most profitable one for those who read it to seek instruction, apart; beyond the reach of some, no doubt, but the things taught leading to much profitable thought as to the blessed Lord. But it is a difficulty in printing that all is brought before all, meat in due season is more difficult to apportion.

You have thus an account of the moral circumstances in which the work is: otherwise it is pretty much as elsewhere. I did not do all I hoped [in the] West, being kept by the work in some places, but I had some opportunities I did not expect. Kind love to all.

The Guelph meeting was decidedly blessed.


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