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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 16


The long separation is trying to our spirit & hearts, but the Lord will keep us & give us His own supply of His peace & His joy. Eight or nine gathered so far from the rest feel themselves weak in the presence of so many that are really God’s children & yet bitter against his (His?) true way; still our Father has kept us through 3 years happy in Him, and has by us established hearts as to a realization of their standing in Him, although they have not faith to separate from evil, & He keeps us free from reproach as to personal character. But the ministers of the sects are angry against us, & warn their people to avoid us, & I think if we were withdrawn from Quebec there would probably be a larger outgathering. Wm. McLimont & I are the only brothers present & we have neither of us a gift for preaching to assembled numbers, but rather for visiting & pressing the truth on individuals. Mr. Darby is now at Brentford, 40 miles south of Guelph, having morning reading & visiting. He proposes soon going to London, C.W.(Lord willing?) where a few are gathered who believed Mr. Guiness when he showed the evil of the sect system, & went to consult him as to what they should do. Remain where you are, was his reply. “We cannot remain you have pointed out to us the evil.” They have thus remained separate, knowing little more than that they had

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