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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 17

Incomplete - Needs help !!


Hamilton, Canada West,                                                     Dec. 3rd, 1862

My dearest——

Your long looked for letter has arrived at last; we received one at the same time from Mrs.——; the post-mark is Nov. 10th, but it did not reach us until yesterday. You see that I lose no time in replying. I thought —— had given a pretty full account of the meeting at Guelph; but, as you say you wish to hear something about it, and that the dear brethren with you are also desirous of some information concerning it, I will gladly endeavour, for their sakes as well as yours, to send a little outline. You must have heard of our journeyings up to the period of the Guelph meeting—how we landed at Quebec on the 26th August

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