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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 18


(having left Liverpool on the 14th), stayed about a week at the dear Scotts, where we had meetings every evening, Mr Darby preaching at the Baptist Chapel in French, by particular request of the French minister, on the Sunday afternoon; of our leaving by the steamer on Monday evening, Sept. 1st, for Montreal, and arriving there in time for breakfast next morning at ——’s, at ——, where he is ——; of the hospitable reception kindly accorded us; of our meetings there daily, generally twice a day, once in the —— Hall, for reading and conversation, two Christian Officers of the Artillery generally attending; of the effort to prove that the —— Hall meeting —— was on the same ground with ourselves, of our incredulity, Mr D——’s oft repeated remark was, that new wine must be put in new bottles, — that he had no quarrel with them, but they were not on the same ground, practically it was an open Baptist meeting. There is another little assembly there, one with us; they attended all the meetings. I think dear —— got on a little, and he earnestly pressed Mr Darby to return and labour amongst them, which he may possibly do next summer.

As we could not break bread with them, so many seemed exercised, we thought it best to move on so as to reach Toronto in time for the meeting on the next Lord s day,—leaving the testimony to find its way to the conscience, if it might please God.

Dear Mr Darby was very unwell all the time, overworked, and no rest, so that he, and indeed we, too, found the solitude of the steamer’s deck and the breezes on the beautiful lake not a little refreshing to our wearied bodies and equally wearied minds. We reached Toronto on Sunday morning

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