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for their multiplied testimonies of kindness to me when leaving & which indeed I should always have reckoned on, though the occasion of showing it came specially then, I have them ever on my heart before the Lord.  There were two presbyterian ministers & a methodist on board who held services on Sunday, some attended, but in general people were sick, some perhaps disinclined.  But I got opportunity to speak to several & to confess Christ, for which also I am a great coward, so that my position was happy.  I found one, I trust, Christian, besides the ministers, An American sea-captain, at least he entered solemnly & with conscience & softness into all I said, others lent an ear, & the most riotous young man on board, I had, save the American perhaps, the most interesting conversation with of any, he owned himself weary with the world & wretched, a kindly youth.  Dear Evans distributed a quantity of tracts forward, which were most gladly received.  The voyage does not look as formidable now it is over as when setting out.  I got through it as other parts of daily service, but, as I said, felt the Lord's presence greatly.  We have a reading meeting here tonight.  Here the gathering is very small.  The general work is further on, indeed the town & surrounding country are in the mass French Roman Catholics.  I received numberless marks of individual

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