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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 31


(D.V.) be up in the Bush, where otherwise one cannot well get & on to Lake Huron – kindest love to all, ever affty yours, J.N.D. 
I have printed a reply to Colenso(?), only a pamphlet, they made a fuss about the printing of Brethren & their reviewers; but it is just as good as our English printing. The words left out were left out by the copyist. J.N.D. 



Post Mark, Guelph, CW                                               10 February 1863

Dearest McAdam

I feel the seriousness of the crisis or position in which the testimony of the saints of God is placed by the controversy which is going on. It has in a certain sense come on me by surprise and I am perhaps better able to feel it by being at a distance. I am in no hurry, but I feel it very sorrowful on one side and very encouraging on the other. When the tract came out on “The Righteousness of God,” I had not the remotest idea of the tumult that would ensue, nor, I may add, of the low state in which the evangelical body, as such, stood. God, I am well and thankfully assured, will never leave His own, but the professing body seems to me to be breaking up into Puseyites, who (as the Pope said to some of them lately not ill) are as the church bells who call the people into it, but are always outside it themselves. On the one hand and rationalists on the other, while the evangelicals are incapable of

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