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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 81


on our mission; tho’ going mostly among old friends yet we would not go for the sake of any social ends. And He did bless us, our time was well spent. People were eager to hear at the outset, and when once begun were unwilling that we should stop. It was nothing uncommon for us to receive the warmest thanks for our visit, acknowledgement that “God had sent us,” & while tears of gratitude were witness to their sincerity we could not help thinking if in any way these dear people were indebted to us, how much are we indebted to you in England, and how much are we all indebted to God. Yes, my dearest brother, you may feel that you have caused many a heart in Canada & these States to leap for joy thro’ the truth. How often have I heard the remark, This is a new view of Christ. I am sorry to say that even here in Massachusetts, the most enlightened & reputedly Christian state in the Union, the very rudiments of the gospel are generally not at all apprehended. Most of God’s people are living under the law & of course are without peace. In my recent tour I providentially met with an aged couple, a man & his wife, both professors of religion. I soon put the question to the latter, “Are you a Christian?” The reply was, “I do not know, I am trying to be.” In reply to my expression of surprise at such language from one so long a church member, it came out that they are both in the furnace – had about concluded that there was no religion in themselves nor in others – had been wronged by professing Christians, had chafed under the rod, & now for long years, though still reverencing the Bible, were total strangers to all

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