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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 89


man of God. It is worth all it costs to so enter by sympathy not only into the condition of ancient saints, but above all of our dear Redeemer when down here circumstanced as His people are. Oh! anything is rich that helps us to enter into the fellowship of His sufferings, & enables us to comprehend that Word, which ministers life & strength to the soul. The truth is the dear Lord is very indulgent to us as if we His weak, timid, shrinking children should go where He Himself was called to go & endure as He endured. Then what selfishness it betrays to hesitate about the little losses or sufferings He would have us make for Him. Would we wish never to display any of His virtues? to live and die in the lap of indulgence & thus to lose all the rich experience of conflict? It is but a little while & all our toil is over, & then how sweet it will be to enter into His rest! As for myself I would not dare have God try me with riches or nice worldly circumstances. The only way for me to be kept near the Lord is for Him to deal closely with me, often bringing me into tight places. Though to the praise of His grace be it said He does enable some of His saints to be true to Him in king’s houses & while surrounded by affluence. I notice too that yourself & the dear saints in London associate me with “Labors in Canada, Jamaica,” &c, &c. That humbles me, for I am unworthy the name or the calling. Why should “labor” be attached to my poor efforts! Really they are far, far short of being

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