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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 95


Wm. Duncan Bells, Montreal, C.W.


My Dear Bro.,


Besides being assured that the Brethren will be glad to hear I have arrived safe, I am desirous of writing to you as to Horton & the Halifax gathering. I had learnt from Mr. Douglas that there were some soldiers meeting there, which indeed led me to take that route. I had merely the name of Horton & had forgotten if I had known all about him. I am very glad I went by Halifax, tho’ I staid but a very short time there. Horton went off about Carter’s business in part, in part Mr. Stewart’s & the brethren very properly, as I judge, thought that when they had left they could not come back without communicating with brethren. Since he came out he wrote to Broom I know not with what result. Mr. & Mrs. Bell had also come out to Halifax & had broken bread with the little company there but hearing from him (he was away preaching) how he stood, told him he should not have done so had he known it. But there are some nice people (mostly soldiers) ignorant wholly of the matter. I did not stay & Sunday but passed one evening with them. His own intercourse with Culverhouse & Brinkman quite cured him of that part of the business & I think he sees pretty clearly he acted in the flesh. I said it would be well he should write if he could & own he had acted precipitately. He replied & more than that. He is intelligent and has a good deal of energy. There is much which will need to be exercised & broken, but when it is I should not wonder if he were

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