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Grave of Edward Cronin and Family

West Norwood Cemetery, SE27, London

Grave of Edward Cronin, his wife, some children, and some friends.
As I found it, needed a bit of tidying up!
A close up.
Second Cronin grave, needs another visit and a good wipe down.
Other side of second grave.
The register book lists the contents and details of the grave.
Contents of second Cronin family grave.


Edward Cronin was one of the 'founding four' who first broke bread in Dublin in the 1820's. Dr Cronin had traveled to Dublin intending only to stay there for a short while, and had enjoyed the communion of several independent baptist churches, however when he prolonged his stay, it was required of him to take out special membership at a church to continue fellowship. This step he could not see as being according to the Bible, and he left the independent churches, and initially would spend Lord's Day morning by himself to meditate on the Scriptures, before joining with others like A.N. Groves, Edward Wilson, Francis Hutchinson, and John Nelson Darby, to break bread together.

Sadly later in his life he was the subject of great controversy during the 'Park Street' division of 1881, and under immense pressure from outside, he was declared out of fellowship by his local meeting at Kenington in London.

He is buried here in West Norwood Cemetary, with many of his family members. His son-in-law J.H. Lowe (who authored several books) is also buried here, however it seems his gravestone has gone.

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