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Arthur John Henry Brown

Born: Unkown
Died: Unkown
Appears in Glenny / Raven / Reynolds / Turpin Family Tree

Elizabeth Charlotte Turpin ,

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Arthur John Henry Brown (1867–1934) obtained a B. A. from the University of Cambridge and passed a teacher’s examination (licentiate of the College of Preceptors). From 1885 on he was assistant headmaster at the Ebor School in Cambridge (Co. Cambridgeshire) at 51 Bateman Street, which was a preparatory school for the sons of brethren. The school was run by Henry D’Arcy Champney (1854–1942). After Champney had to resign as principal in 1890, Brown took over the post of principal until 1917. Around the beginning of 1895 Brown moved the school from Cambridge to Bexhill-on-Sea (Co. Sussex) at 3 Dorset Road. From 1902 on he was form-master and lecturer at various schools. He was in fellowship with the Raven-Taylor group.

In September 1892 A. J. H. Brown married Elizabeth Charlotte Turpin (1862–1943), daughter of Walter Thomas Turpin (1834–1940), in Tunbridge Wells. He was the father of Walter Morris Brown (1894–1969; author of ‘Christian Relationships’ and editor of ‘Words of Grace and Comfort’), Arthur George Brown (1898–1978), Evan Brown (1903–1961), and two daughters. He was grandfather of Gilbert H. Brown (*1925). A. J. H. Browns son A. G. Brown had been in fellowship with the Raven-Taylor group since 1920; in 1954 he was withdrawn from in London. In 1970 A. G. Brown wrote a paper against certain teachings and innovations of James Taylor jun.

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here is a picture of his grave from Ancestry;

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