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Charles Gilbert Eversfield

Born: 7th October 1822
Died: 9th January 1886

Birth Location
Catsfield, Sussex, Englang
Baptism (1822)
Catsfield, Sussex, England
Marriage (1848)
Isabella Pigott , St. George Hanover Square, London
Denne Park, Horsham, Sussex
Death Location
Warrior Square Terrace, St. Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex
Burial (1886)
Denne Road Cemetery, Horsham, Sussex

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

C.G.E. was listed as the correspondent for the Horsham meeting in the Lists of 1873, 1877, 1880, 1882.

Father: James Eversfield
Mother: Mary Eversfield
Spouse: Isabella Pigott (1820–1902)
Living at Denne Park, Horsham (Sussex, today West Sussex), also at St. Leonards-on-Sea

A picture of his grave can be seen here:

Jonathan said ...
An interesting link here:

With pictures & funeral reports.

In later years, Charles Gilbert became closely associated with the strict
religious sect of the Plymouth (or Exclusive or Close) Brethren, founded
by an Irish Anglican priest, John Nelson Darby. This may well be
connected with the fact that three of his wife’s nieces married into the
Close family from Dublin. The Close family is known to have had
connections with Darby, as he left many of his letters and papers to
Farnham Chidley Close, who came to live in Horsham, at 17 The
Causeway, and died there in 1901. He is buried in Denne Road
cemetery, next to the Eversfield vault.12
Charles Gilbert built a chapel
for the Brethren in Denne Road, but he also gave support to other
religious causes. He became a great philanthropist and benefactor in
later life, giving land for the building of hospitals and churches in St.
Leonards and playing an active part in setting up public utilities like the
St. Leonard’s Waterworks. At Charles Gilbert’s death he was sincerely
mourned and honoured by the townspeople of Horsham and St.
Leonards, as the reports of his death and funeral show, but his grave is
now sadly overgrown and neglected.

Farnham Childley Close is referenced here, who according to The Peerage married Mary Amelia Wellesley, one of the daughters of Capt. William Wellesley who is not currently showing on your family tree. :-)
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 : 21:37
Jonathan said ...
Duh, Tom, I seem to be late to the party yet again! I see you have provided a link to this already!
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