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The Year 1903

Obituary from The Eagle - A Magazine of St John's College

Nick Fleet said ...
Includes passing references to the success of "inoculation" against small-pox and also some objections to it. "Ehrmann (of Frankfort) took rather a bolder flight, and attempted lo prove from quotations of the prophetical parts of scripture and the writings of the fathers of the Church, that the Vaccine was nothing less than Antichrist" - It seems that nothing is new !
Monday, Feb 6, 2023 : 16:38
Samuel said ...
It is somewhat ironic that one of CES’ defenders was Dr Walter Hadwen (later of Gloucester) who studied the whole Stuart Question most diligently. Later Dr Hadwen joined Open Brethren and became famous as one of the the greatest fighters against mandatory Smallpox vaccination.
Monday, Feb 6, 2023 : 21:52

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