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circa 1920

Donald Munro, A Servant of Jesus Christ

Syd said ...
In this account of the Scotsman Donald Munro’s life of service, it mentions the town Old Rayne in the North of Scotland, where in the 1870’s “a number had begun to meet for prayer and praise on Lord's Day mornings, in a joiner's shop.” These brethren, many of the Free Church of Scotland, “Acting on what they saw in the Scriptures, they began to break bread there and then, without knowing that there was another company like them in the whole world. They had not heard of so-called "Brethren" in the South, nor did they follow any example set before them by such— either Open or Close—they were guided simply and only by the Word of God.”

Is there any other witness or writings (apart from the "Northern Assemblies" or "Northern Witness") of these Northern Scotland village assemblies, meeting to break bread weekly as a practice gleaned simply and solely from the Scriptures?
Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023 : 03:42

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