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Douglas Russell

Born: 8th October 1842
Died: 14th November 1933

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Father: Douglas Russell
Mother: Elizabeth Henderson
Wife: Hannah Mary Lloyd

Marty said ...
Home Call of a Veteran Worker.
DOUGLAS RUSSELL, Weston-super-Mare, an Evangelist of long standing, and valued helper of Moody and Sankey, entered into Rest, Nov. 14, aged 91. Born in Ayrshire, his first impressions were received at meetings of E. PAYSON HAMMOND, of America, when visiting Scotland. Converted when 19, he has seen active service in many lands and parts. Baptised in Edinburgh. He had considerable blessing in parts of Northern Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. When Moody and Sankey had such remarkable times in Britain, he was one of their most valued helpers.
Mr. Russell and Mr. Sankey were great friends; Mr. Russell being a great composer and Sankey a great singer. He visited Mr. Sankey at his home in Brooklyn not long before he died. On Mr. Russell's singing, one of his new pieces, "I love to make the Story known," Mr. Sankey remarked, "It is those who preach the Gospel who ought to write our hymns."
Mr. Russell will be best and longest remembered for his hymns, some of which are regularly sung in meetings, such as, "Worthy, worthy, worthy Thou of adoration" (271); "As gathered to Thy precious Name" (103); "Glory, glory, glory, hearts and voices blending;" "Gathered Lord, around Thy table." (108); "God's love is everlasting love" (611); '"Tis softly breathed by Heaven's air" (780), and a number of others in "Hymns­ of Light and Love," to which the Nos. refer. "Near, O my God, to Thee," supplies vastly improved words to the popular tune of "Nearer to Thee."
A complete volume of some 150 of Mr. Russell's choicest pieces was issued, about 5 years ago, entitled: "Songs of Salvation and Glory" (Copyright). with notes­ as to correct "tunes," and two fine photos (4/ post free). It is very suitable as a present to fellow-Christians. The note of the Lord's Coming is very clear therein.
Long a resident in Weston-Super-Mare, failing health has prevented many activities. One of his favourite acts was, as a patriarch, to politely hand Gospel leaflets to the health and pleasure-seekers on the Promenade. Laid aside for 3 months, he has joined in the best and most lasting songs—the New Song of Rev. 5. 9. . . .
May we learn to "whose faith follow." HyP.
"The Witness" 1933
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