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The Unity of the Spirit

by F. G. Patterson

Mark said ...

There needs to be a balance here. Here is what William Kelly wrote: 'How perfect is Scripture! It does not say the “unity of the body” although including it… What is meant then? The unity of the Holy Ghost, which is already formed, embraces all the members of Christ… And what have we to do? Diligently to maintain the unity that embraces everyone belonging to Christ – “in the bond of peace.” Here we find peace spoken of, not so much for our own souls with God but rather for the enjoying and furthering practically union among the saints of God.' (William Kelly, Lectures on Ephesians, page 149 – Morrish.) Separation from evil made the object has led to practical disunity among Christians once gathered to give expression to the truth of the one body. Hence the “Chart of Shame.”

Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021 : 15:44

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