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Spiritualism Forbidden of God

by Frank C. B. Ford

Tom said ...
F.C.B.F. anyone? Seems he was from Sutton Coldfield. First edition of this around 1874.
Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 : 18:06
Martin Arhelger said ...

The full name is "Frank Copeland Burley Ford".
Dates of his life according to
- born 17 Jul 1832. Parents: George Samuel Ford and Hannah
- baptism: 28 JUN 1833 at Saint James, Westminster, London
- Apr-Jun 1859: Married in Lewisham with Julia Maria Ferguson (The name of the bridegroom is "Frank Copeland Birley Ford".
- census 1871: "Frank C B Ford", 38 Years old, born in Margate, Kent, listed in Sutton Coldfield.
- census 1881: "Frank C B Ford" is registered in Tunbridge, Kent (St Johns Road), 47 years old, profession: "Boarding House Keeper", place of birth: "Ramsgate, Kent". - census 1891: "Frank C B Ford" in Broadwater, Sussex "Living On Own Means", 57 years old.
- first Quarter of 1893: "Frank Copeland B Ford" died in East Preston, Sussex, 59 Years old.

There is a bit confusion about Ford's first name. In "Catalogue of W. B. Horner's Publications" of 1876, 1877, and 1879 the author of "Spiritualism Forbidden of God" is "J. C. B. FORD". In later catalogues (1881 and 1882) the author's name is abbreviated but it is still "J. C. B. F.", not "F. C. B. F." as it should be and as it is on the title-page.

There is another booklet by F. C. B. Ford : "No annihilation; or, the lake of fire an eternal abode. Sequel to 'Death not a cessation of consciousness, or of existence.' " Listed in Manchester Library. I have no copy.


Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 00:10
Tom said ...

Thanks .. I'd just finish scanning the other booklet as it happens. The school in Tonbridge looks interesting; seems some of his wife's family helped in the running of that.

* The school appears to have been in Tunbridge Wells rather than Tonbridge.

Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 00:19

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