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Fred S. Marsh

Born: Unkown
Died: Unkown

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Tom said ...
mybrethren says he was from Northampton, so I assume it is
Frederick Stephen Marsh
BIRTH OCTOBER 1877 • Peterborough, Northamptonshire
DEATH 8 FEB 1946 • Northampton, England
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 00:11
Martin Arhelger said ...

The magazine "Words of Truth" (Stow Hill) 14 (1946) has an article by F. S. Marsh (page 126 and 127), to which is added at the end: "This was written by the late beloved Editor a few days before the Lord called him to be with Himself." So 1946 seems to be the right date for his departure.


Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 : 01:39
Martin Arhelger said ...

In "Scattered Seed" 1888 on the page after the title page of the February issue there are names of those children who got prizes. The Second Prize for those under 12 was given to "Fred S. Marsh." This would fit with his birth in 1877.


Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 : 01:51
Tom said ...
Well spotted .. not much escapes your notice Martin :)
Thursday, Mar 26, 2020 : 22:43
Steve said ...
F.S.M. did indeed live in the Northampton area - my Dad, who also lived in Northampton from early childhood until he was promoted to glory, in the late 1980's, often spoke highly of F.S.M. - even though my Dad would only have been in his early twenties when F.S.M. died.

Friday, Mar 27, 2020 : 04:50

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