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On Ministry in the Word

by G.V. Wigram

Martin Arhelger said ...
Wigram's pamphlet was quoted verbatim by W. Trotter in his "Five Letters of Worship and Ministry in the Spirit", letter II. Trotter wrote: "following extract from a tract, written at least nine or ten years ago. The author, if I am rightly informed, is one who has been greatly honoured of God amongst us, and who is known personally to most of you." The Foreword of Trotter is "London, December, 1857". Thus the tract of Wigram was published 1847 or earlier.
Thursday, Mar 16, 2017 : 18:09
Timothy Stunt said ...
Probably in 1844. When Trotter (writing in December 1857) says that Wigram's tract was 'written at least nine or ten years ago' his statement is probably based on the quotations from Wigram's tract given by Samuel Prideaux Tregelles in the first of his 'Three Letters [dated March 1849] to the Author of "A Retrospect of Events that have taken place amongst the Brethren." ' In this letter Tregelles quoted from Wigram's tract, which he says was published 'in 1844, I believe', to show that in the earlier 1840s Wigram's views on ministry had been nearer to those of B.W. Newton in his suggestion that some brethren were known as ministers ('stated') though that did not rule out ministry from other brethren from time to time (i.e. it was not 'exclusive'). According to Tregelles the distinction between 'stated' but not 'exclusive' was originally made by a Brother in the early Plymouth meeting, Captain Edward Foley (1807-94)... [more details in my essay 'Elitist Leadership and Congregational Participation among Early Plymouth Brethren' in "The Elusive Quest of the Spiritual Malcontent" (2015) p.201n.27]. Timothy Stunt.
Friday, Mar 17, 2017 : 16:59

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