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October 1960

Address on the Church and the Tribulation

by Harry Bell

Samuel said ...

For more on Harry Bell of Jarrow, see the biographical article, with photo, in :-

They Finished Their Course: A Record of some Brethren who were called home in the 1970's They Finished Their Course: A Record of some Brethren who were called home in the 1970's by James Anderson (Compiler) Ritchies. 1980

Harry Bell was much in demand in Northern Ireland in the early 1960's as there had developed a marked tendency towards enthusiasm for novel (that is amongst assemblies of "Brethren") eschatological views, chief among which were "Tribulationism" (i.e. the Church must pass through the Tribulation) and Amillennialism. The chief promoter of the latter being (former Rev.) T.W. Ball, who had become a noted evangelist amongst assemblies having left the Reformed Presbyterians (Covenanters). Many local N.I. preachers and teachers felt out-gunned by Ball, and Harry Bell's help was eagerly sought. Wm Bunting around this time in the Assembly Testimony Magazine launched a series of aritcles rebutting Tribulationism and Amillennialism.

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Rodger said ...

That must be the same Mr. Ball mentioned here: “ At the May Communion season in 1941 Mr. Gilmour was assisted by Mr. Thomas W. Ball, B.A. On 13th May 1941 Mr. Ball was licensed by the Eastern Presbytery and was also the same evening ordained to the work of the ministry and appointed to labour in Liverpool for at least six months. In the 1942 Eastern Presbytery Report to Synod it is stated, "The congregation of Liverpool has asked that the services of the Rev. T. W. Ball, B.A. be continued for another year. Presbytery appointed a Committee to confer with Mr. Ball as to the position and prospects of the congregation". On 25th October 1942 a unanimous call was issued by Larne congregation in favour of the Rev. T. W. Ball, B.A. and this call being accepted he was inducted to the pastorate of Larne congregation on 29th December, 1942. At a meeting of the Eastern Presbytery held on 2nd May 1944 Rev. T. W. Ball, B.A. resigned the pastorate of Larne congregation and withdrew from the jurisdiction of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.”


Would be interesting to have more biographical details about Mr. Ball, why he left the RPs but retained and propagated his eschatological views among "brethren." His name appears a number of times in The Believers Magazine in the accounts of ongoing work. He seems to have been active and appreciated, and not much straitened.


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