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The Heresy Taught by the Rev. G. O. Barnes Exposed and Answered

by Henry Grattan Guinness

Timothy Stunt said ...

George Owen Barnes [1827-1908], whose teaching Guinness deplored so strongly in this booklet, was apparently, for a time during the 1870s, on good terms with JND, who spent a week at the end of 1872 in Kentucky (Barnes's bailliwick) [see JND Letters ii. 201-202]. For an account of this friendship, written from Barnes's point of view see W.T. Price, Without scrip or purse; or "The Mountain Evangelist," George O. Barnes. The History of a Consecrated Life, . . . (Louisville KY: Price, 1883) pp.151-152. If Price's account is reliable, Barnes and JND parted company in Chicago, some years later, in disagreement over the Great Tribulation through which, in Barnes's opinion, unfaithful saints would have to pass. Timothy Stunt

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