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The Year 1938

Paths of Peace for Pilgrims Heavenward

by Henry Pickering

Tom said ...

This appears to be vol 39 and "Bushels of Bread Corn" vol 40, but what was the series called? and is their a list of the volume titles?

Monday, Jan 17, 2022 : 16:13
Greg said ...
Tom, did you assume this from the code at the bottom left of the title page?
LIX. 38 for Paths of Peace
LX. 39 for Bushels of Bread Corn

Plenteous Redemption has the code too. It's LX. 38

Note that LIX is 59; LX is 60. Could it be the publication year?
Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022 : 12:40
Tom said ...
Thanks, yep I got the numbers wrong .. I've removed them for now. I suspect the latter number, ie 38 could be the publication year. Given, as you point out, Plenteous Redemption, has the LX code too, it's probably not a volume number.
Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022 : 02:46

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