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Miss Sarah Matilda Walker

Born: 7th September 1847
Died: 13th July 1918

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Tom said ...

Miss Sarah Walker is known to have been a school teacher for many years and to have suffered from ill-health.  We also know she wrote many hymns.  

Mutton, Edwin O. P. (2018). History of the “Little Flock Hymn Book” and its Authors. (p. 33) Bibles etc

Any more info?

Monday, Nov 16, 2020 : 18:23
Nick Fleet said ...
I think that should read 'many hymn tunes'.

She was born on 7 Sep 1847 in Yeovil, Somerset. to Elisha Walker and his wife Sophia Ann Green. In 1871 she was a Nursery Governess to the Parkinson family of Islington. By 1881 she was a Schoolmistress in Peterborough at, it seems, a private school which she ran at 4 Cromwell Road.

She wrote a number of hymn tunes, some of which appeared first in 'Praise Songs' published by the Peterborough brother J. W. Sargeant. The tunes 'Sympathy' and 'St Aidan' in the Music Edition of Spiritual Songs are both by her, but are misnamed - they should be 'Bethany' and 'Praise' respectively ('Praise' was adapted by her from 'St Aiden').

She died on 13 Jul 1918 in Peterborough, Northamptonshire (as it was properly known then). She is buried in the Broadway Cemetery at Peterborough near to Miss N. Vergette and the Bazlinton family.
Sunday, Nov 29, 2020 : 22:38
MJB said ...
Wondering if this Walker had a daughter called Emily? Trying to trace family members.

I know Emily Walker was born in Liverpool approx. 1920s but not much clear info
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 : 10:04

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