Brethren Archive
The Year 1869

The Son of God

by J.G. Bellett

C Gribben said ...
Lots of unattributed quotations from and paraphrases of John Owen in here.
Monday, Feb 6, 2023 : 22:54
Rodger said ...
Are you able to point some of them out? At one point I was attempting to trace sources of the various quotations in “The Moral Glory…,” and pencil them into the margins of my copy.

Mr. Bellett had the rare (and wonderful) feature of quoting appreciatively from brothers outside those identified with “brethren.” If there are examples of other brothers who commonly did so, I would be interested in hearing about it. For the extent of his library, Mr. Kelly seems to have rarely been able to bring up non-“brethren” other than critically. Some of that is rectified by EEW’s notes in his commentaries.
Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023 : 02:59

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