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Notes on Romans

by J.N. Darby

petee said ...
notes on Romans by darby
Sunday, Oct 16, 2022 : 00:37
Ed Malone said ...
There are some books, pamphlets, manuscripts, etc. which point toward the Old Bodelian Library which I find is restricted to Oxford University students, faculty, and former faculty even though as is the case with Darby's work on Romans shows as being viewable and/or downloadable. If it is to be available for viewing or downloading when I call it up, then what is the process for actually doing that besides the Oxford University restrictions?

Or is this a basic misunderstanding of how this resource works?

I know for a fact I have been able to view/download many other documents here.

Please help as all I want to do is enhance my Bible studies with the works of those who have gone before, especially those of the Brethren writings. I DO favor the Pilgrims too!

Thanks so much!

In His Service!

Ed M.
Wednesday, Mar 8, 2023 : 23:01

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